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Elbit MH high FOM white phosphor BNVD-1431 Mk.II

Elbit MH high FOM white phosphor BNVD-1431 Mk.II

Night vision

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The 1431 MK.II binocular night vision device is an affordable housing packed full of features comparable to other brands on the market. With smooth articulating pods, adjustable joint tension, interpupillary distance stops, single AA battery use, and manual gain control,  the 1431 MK.II has all bases covered for new and seasoned end-users looking to get into the binocular night vision world. This particular device is ready to ship with Noctis Technologies milspec lenses and Elbit Systems High FOM white phosphor gen. 3 image intensifiers. Milspec Noctis lenses provide superior clarity, minimal lense flare and edge distortion compared to other brands. The MH-type Elbit intensifier has a minimum FOM of 2376, 33-SNR, 72-RES, and a max HALO of .9 with actual specs usually much higher.  Purchase includes, Unit, hard case, battery, and spec sheets.

PVS-14 Lense options:

Noctis Technologies U.S. Milspec

-Good light transmission, resolution, and lens flare suppression

-Very low edge distortion

Rochester Precision Optics 3.0

-Light weight lense assembly and diopter assembly

-Lower profile then Noctis lenses

-Excellent light transmission

-Very good center resolution, clarity, and flare suppression

1431 MK.II housing features

-Articulating pods

-Submersible at 2 meters for 30 minutes

-Manual gain control with MX-11769, Photonis, and certain NNVT intensifiers

-Adjustable interpupillary stops

-AA battery powered with battery pack compatibility







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