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NVT5 Gen 2+ White phosphor PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular

NVT5 Gen 2+ White phosphor PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular

Night vision

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The PVS-14 is the most widely used monocular night vision device by western military forces. Weighing less then 13 ounces, this unit is capable of being helmet mounted or used as a handheld device. These PVS-14s are full U.S. Milspec kits with quality lenses as well as being able to accept Rochester Precision Optics. With features like Variable gain control, onboard infrared illumination, waterproof/shockproof housing, and only needing 1 AA battery for 40 hours of runtime, the PVS-14 is a great option for new and seasoned end users. These units will have Noctis Technologies lenses and Gen 2+ NNVT white phosphor intensifiers with a guaranteed minimum 1600+ FOM. These particular intensifiers also offer auto-gating and manual gain control. Purchase includes, Unit, kit, hard case, battery, and spec sheet.

PVS-14 Lense options:

Noctis Technologies U.S. Milspec

-Good light transmission, resolution, and lens flare suppression

-Very low edge distortion

Rochester Precision Optics 3.0

-Light weight lense assembly and diopter assembly

-Lower profile then Noctis lenses

-Excellent light transmission

-Very good center resolution, clarity, and flare suppression

PVS-14 MNVD features

-Manual gain control with MX-11769, Photonis, and certain NNVT intensifiers

-AA battery powered with approximately 40 hours of runtime

-On board infrared illuminator

-Waterproof and robust housing

-Kit includes Soft pouch, rubber eyecup, retainer cord, and operators manual.

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