Options for your mission

Whether you are an armed professional or responsible citizen, we provide the best night vision options built to the highest standards with extreme attention to detail and quality components. With brands like Noctis Technolgies, Rochester Precision Optics, Elbit Systems, and L3 Harris our devices deliver high performing night time image intensification. Night vision devices are assembled in a Sterile environment with proper tools and clean optics. We use 99 percent ultra high pure nitrogen with proper digital gauging to purge contaminants or moisture inside the system. This along with proper collimation ensures no eye strain or visual issues for the end-user.

End-user driven

Tampa Bay Photonics actively participates in night vision training to receive user experience and discern what is needed out of night vision products. We understand that mission needs are different and that selecting the proper equipment is paramount to success. With features like night vision pod articulation, adjustable interpupillary distance stops, manual gain control, and an external battery pack option, we are ensuring that our device housings meet end-user satisfaction.