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Noisefighters MAX14 metal night vision J-arm (Dovetail)

Noisefighters MAX14 metal night vision J-arm (Dovetail)

Night vision

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The Noisefighters metal MAX14 J-arm is a great option for the PVS-14 and Nocturn TANTO monocular. Weighing at 1.0 oz, this light J-arm has popular end-user features such as articulation with a rotating knuckle, left or right eye interpupillary adjustment, and a tether point for retention devices. Made with 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, the dovetail will link up to Wilcox mounts as well as other brands. The MAX14 is made and assembled in the U.S.A. with a no-questions-asked transferable lifetime warranty.

-Compatible with

Milspec AN/PVS-14, Nocturn TANTO, Photonis Vyper-14 chassis, AB night vision mod-3, and KAC M-14 alloy chassis


Bayonet-style night vision helmet mounts, DOVETAIL ONLY


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